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Planning a river Float Trip is lots of fun.

So have everyone pull up our website and make a few decisions about your float.

When? Where? and How?


We float 7 Days A Week Memorial Day thru Labor Day so what day to float is really up to you and the weather. Remember, Saturdays are Very Busy so you really need reservations or we may not have a boat for you.


We float the most popular part of the River so the choice is really how long do you want to be on the river. Half a Day or All Day. Following are Descriptions of the two most popular trips. 

Leisure Trip:

 A great trip for those wanting a half day escape down the river.   Should take 2-5 hours depending on how much paddling you do, how many breaks you take, and current river conditions. The Leisure Trip has the most flexibility in timing.  We generally put this trip out anytime until 3:00 pm.  Current River Conditions and Floating Guidelines can be found thru the Weather & River Levels button on this page.


Start this trip early so you won't have to hurry.  Stop for lunch at Hanging Rock, and enjoy a swim at the numerous gravel bars along the way. Generally takes 4-8 hours depending on river levels, your boat choices, and floating habits. If you have never been floating before, or are not sure of your strength or swimming abilities, we recommend you try the Leisure Trip first. We put the adventure trip out no later than 12:00.

how? Raft? Kayak? Canoe?

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