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Float Prices


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WE Float Exclusively Midwest Whitewater Rafts

and Jackson Kayaks, the finest boats available


Float Prices Include Everything:

All Equipment, Transportation, Taxes, and Gratuities. All Pricing is per person.


Rafting & Kayaking

Leisure Trip (2-4 HRS) $29.00

Adventure Trip (5-8 Hrs) $33.00


Leisure Trip (2-5 Hrs) $27.00

Adventure Trip (5-8 Hrs) $27.00


Leisure Trip Only $18.00

Adult Boat Minimums

Six Man Rafts 3 Adults

Kayaks 1 Adult per seat

4 Man Canoe 2 Adults

Tubes 1 Adult

OnLine reservations


There are adult minimums required for all boats. Once the adult number of people is reached then Children 6-12 are 1/2 price. We care about kids, so we recommend rafts for children 5 and under and discount their price to $5.00 in a raft. We not only make it economical for families but also provide 4 sizes of top of the line comfortable USCG life vests for all children. We keep the Children’s Life Vests in the office so our staff can properly size them prior to boarding the bus.

special group pricing

To qualify, the Group Leader must call ahead for a reservation, have everyone sign the Liability Waiver, and pay with one payment.  (Please see resort policies)

15 to 25 Floaters:  10% Discount

26 to 39 Floaters:  15% Discount

Over 40 Floaters:   Please Call. Bigger discounts on weekdays!

Tax Exempt requires organization check or card. Please call for prices.

We recommend everyone make a Reservation Request. It is simple with our online Reservation Request System. We will contact you back with a Confirmation Number. For Summer, on Saturdays it is vital you make a reservation and put up a $10 per boat deposit which is applied to your float. If not, your party might arrive at the River and have no boat to float. Don’t worry, just call us if you can’t make it and you have until the end of the next season to use it.

for over 50 years eagle bluff is “the home of river fun!”

During that time we have learned a lot about making sure your trip is great river Fun! Yet still affordable. At Eagle Bluff we are honest, so what we say is what we do. Our prices include everything. We even want you to know that if you want to float and camp, then use the Float & Camp Packages. They save you money. So we hope your next river trip includes a trip to:

Eagle Bluff “The Home of River Fun!”