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Boat Choices

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They Are All River Fun in Their OWn Way!

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Rafts are the most popular because they are great for leisurely floating down the river and comfortably hanging out with your friends. They also are the least likely to tip over. And you can carry a lot of stuff. They are designed to carry Six Adults and two 48 Quart ice chests. We usually put about 4 people in each raft. Just remember if no one paddles at all, and you hang out at every gravel bar, its going to make for a long long day. All boats must be in by 6 PM.


Our Float on Top Jackson Kayaks are best described as driving a sports car. You ride close to the water so you’ll probably get a little wet, but you can turn on a dime, and get in and out of tight spaces, and even go up stream at times if you want. All this while not having a lot of people tell you how to row. That’s River Fun!

The Down Side Kayaks can’t carry large ice chests. So get a small soft sided cooler and a bungie and you’ve got it made.

In 1990 all we floated was canoes and the people loved them. And for good reason. With their aluminum keel and displacement they track very well down the river. And though not near as wide as a raft, their carrying weight capacity is impressive. The downside is they take more skill to control than a raft or a kayak. But if you know what your doing, a canoe is great river fun.

Regarding tubes, your going to get wet, they are slow and you can’t carry much. Still weren’t you planning on getting wet, and didn’t you say you wanted to be the captain of your own boat?